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What is an ornament? Well, you might just think they are the fun decorations you adorn your tree with during the holidays. In reality ornaments have more of a history than you may know.


The history of ornaments can be seen hundreds of years ago when trees were decorated with candy canes, nuts, and even pastries. Ornaments (also called baubles) began being used around 1550 and the shapes and kinds evolved over the years. During the 1800’s in a place in Germany called Lauscha they began to make hand cast glass ornaments that became more and more popular. In the late 1800’s mass production of ornaments was more common and Woolworth’s in America began to sell these ornaments and helped to make the tradition of decorating your tree with these types of ornaments. Over the years other countries began to also sell ornaments that were intricate and used all sorts of materials.


Families all over the world have holiday traditions that have been taking place for hundreds of years, and many families have the tradition of decorating their tree with a many decorations including ornaments. Ornaments are also a part of many traditions because they are passed down to the next generation.


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